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Settling into a Routine this School Year

Settling into a Routine this School Year

As fall arrives, families start to take a deep breath and relax into the new school routine.  Everyone has adjusted from the transition back to school.   We know it wasn’t easy, but its September now and it’s all coming together.  As you settle into the new routine, make sure you keep consistent with the routines and rituals you’ve put into place.  Now’s not the time to let it slide! In fact, now’s the time to reevaluate what’s working and adjust if needed.  We have some suggestions to keep the momentum going as you move froward in the school year.

  1. Your Calendar is Your Best Friend

This time of year is typically when kids will begin sports or afterschool clubs.  This is something to consider as you plan to make everything run as seamless as possible.  It would be beneficial to make a monthly calendar to put in a central area that everyone can see.  On the calendar make note of everyone’s extracurricular schedule and include any out of school functions that may be happening this month.  To simplify weekday dinners, meal planning is a quick and easy way to stay organized.  Use the same master calendar to make note of weekly dinners.  September can become a whirlwind of activities and it may catch you off guard it you don’t plan for it!


  1. Avoiding Sports Season Chaos

If you are gearing up for after school sports, we suggest you make a launch pad by the front door, or garage.  Any place that close to where you enter or leave the house.  It could be a cubby, small table, or something as simple as hooks.  Use this launch pad as an area to keep equipment, backpacks, uniforms, instruments, or anything you’ll need to grab and go.  If an area like this is established, it’ll be less likely that you’re searching for stuff at the last minute. Preparing ahead of time will help you avoid the chaos of sports season!


  1. Reevaluating the Sleep Schedule

Now that you’ve settled into the routine, another thing to stay on top of is the sleep schedule.  Make sure you stay consistent and reinforce healthy sleep schedules.  If you notice that it’s still a struggle each night for our child to fall asleep, now may be the time to consider using a different strategy. When schedules are busy and there’s over stimulation everywhere you turn, it may be difficult for your child to turn it off and fall asleep.  Try making adjustment to the environment.  Blackout curtains are known to lessen sleep disturbances, and weighted blankets can calm restless sleepers. If you are considering a weighted blanket, which is a great option for restless sleepers, make sure to research weighted blankets for kids.  There are many products to choose from, but you want a safe weighted blanket designed specifically for children.


  1. Make Family Time a Priority

As you move through the whirlwind of work, school, sports, open houses, and everything else packed into your busy schedule, make sure you squeeze in family time.  Even if it’s just to come together as a family for dinner each night.  This will allow you to reconnect and talk about the highlights of each day! Bless the food with a traditional prayer, and dinner is the perfect time to also remind your children to pray and be thankful for how God made each of us unique and with a purpose.


 We hope these tips prepare your family settle into a Routine as fall approaches!

Among the best private schools in Jacksonville, FL, Impact Christian Academy was created to provide a world-class educational experience while helping students excel in knowing God, finding freedom in their faith, discovering their purpose, and making a difference in the community.

Impact Christian hires Bobby Ramsay to build football program

Impact Christian hires Bobby Ramsey to build football program


Bobby Ramsay is taking on the biggest challenge of his high school football coaching career.

Ramsay, the former Mandarin and Yulee high school head coach, accepted a job to start the program at Impact Christian Academy and build it from scratch on Friday. The Lions will begin play this fall as an independent program.

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Making This School Year the Best One Yet

Making This School Year the Best One Yet

August is officially upon us, and that means it’s time to break out the pencils, notebooks, and calculators. With school back in session, this exciting time is full of new possibilities for students. A new school year means new teachers, new friends, connections, and challenges. For many students, a new year also marks a pivotal time, starting middle school, high school, or senior year—no matter what grade, going back to school is an exciting time.

Impact Christian Academy strives for every student to have a successful school year. Here are some ways to make this school year one of the best yet!

Get Prepared

The transition from summer to school can be challenging for many students; that’s why it is essential to set the tone right. Prepare for the year by going back to school shopping for fun school supplies. Stock up on all materials your scholar may need for the year, and even allow your student to pick out items that will enable them to express themselves. Students feel more confident in their ability to perform in the classroom when they arrive at school with a backpack full of papers, pens, pencils, and art supplies. Having access to supplies also enables creativity and promotes organization.

Get Involved

School doesn’t have to be all work and no play. One way to make this school year fun is by participating in extra-curricular activities. From sports, arts, culinary, and music, getting involved in extra-curricular activities can help students find their passions and grow their skills and identity. These activities can also help students make new friends, improve social skills, gain leadership skills and develop positive habits. In addition, extra-curricular activities teach students lessons they cannot learn in the classroom while they bond with their peers and have fun.

Make Time for Fun

Being a student can be demanding, especially balancing school, extra-curricular activities, and work. While all these activities are important, it is also crucial to carve out time to have fun. Take a break from all the work and schedule time with friends or family, engage in hobbies, exercise, plan a trip, or even chill out. Physical and emotional health play a significant role in one’s academic and personal success. Students who take time to themselves and engage in activities that make them happy will help them feel more energized and motivated throughout the week.

Be Positive

There is no denying that saying goodbye to summer is hard, but it doesn’t have to be sad! It is important to remember that getting an education, while challenging, positively improves lives and sets students up for success. Positive thinking is a powerful tool, and having an upbeat attitude can go a long way. Having a positive attitude increases the chances of better academic performance. Focus on the positives, don’t dwell on the negatives, practice gratitude, and be proud of even the most minor accomplishments. Remember that getting an education is wonderful, no matter how tough it gets!

Impact Christian Academy (ICA) is happy to see our students’ smiling faces again. We hope these tips prepare students to have the best year ever! View ICA’s 2022-2023 Curriculum Book List.


Among the best private schools in Jacksonville, FL, Impact Christian Academy was created to provide a world-class educational experience while helping students excel in knowing God, finding freedom in their faith, discovering their purpose, and making a difference in the community.

Building Strong Confident Readers During the Summer Months

Building Strong Confident Readers During the Summer Months

One concern that parents often have is that their child will fall behind academically during the summer months.  That’s why it’s important to keep your child’s reading level advancing over the break.  During summer parents tend to want to limit “screen time” for their kids. This doesn’t have to be time consuming or challenging, it can be a simple as carving out a small piece of the day to work on reading skills.  In this blog we’ll discuss some of the reading resources that are available to you and your family, along with some suggested reading material by recommended by grade level.

Jacksonville Public Library Summer Learning Program


Another option available to encourage your child to read over summer is the Jacksonville Public Library Summer Learning Program.  From June 1st to July 30th children can participate in the incentive-based reading program.  Children of all ages (birth to 17 years) who read for 20 minutes each day for 15 days will earn 1 free book. You can track your child’s reading with the library’s reading tracker bookmark and record your child’s daily reading to earn the free book! Not only will your child be able to earn free books, but there are also awesome prize giveaways and raffles during the Summer Learning Program.  It’s a great way to inspire your child to put down the devices and reach for a book!



A popular web resource for reading is www.getepic.com.  It’s a free resource that unlocks thousands of the best books, videos and more.  The company’s philosophy is to make books more assessable to kids. Since the company launched, they have grown into an award-winning service, which gives millions of families instant access to thousands of books.  Built into the platform are also quizzes based on the books.  By providing the quizzes directly on the website your child will have the ability to complete the quizzes which actively builds their long-term comprehension skills. Some of the additional learning tools featured on Get Epic! are dictionary lookups and spotlight vocabulary words. The website is designed with a parent dashboard that lets you take part in their summer reading journey.  You’ll be able to see how long your child reads, update your preferences to filter out specific content, and follow your child’s progress with weekly reports.  The books are downloadable, so you’ll always have access to the books offline as well. Techcrunch.com claims that Get Epic! is “a totally kid-friendly bookshelf and book reading experience.” 


At Impact Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Fl, we want your student to be equipped for a life of meaning and purpose.  Our school culture nurtures each child and gives them opportunities to put their best foot forward within their school environment and community.  We believe that education takes place at school and at home. During the summer months we are committed to assisting our families find the best resources to support your student continue their educational journey. We never forget the most important part of Christendom, an extension of the heart of Christ.  At Impact Academy we cultivate an environment that students can flourish both academically and personally.  Begin an application for your child today!

Keep Your Child School-Ready Through Summer

Keep Your Child School-Ready Through Summer

While we always support taking well-deserved breaks and time for R & R, we also think it’s important to keep your children’s brains sharp. After all, we don’t want any summer setbacks or brain drains to occur after all the hard work their growing minds put in during the previous school year! To prevent your little ones’ brains from turning into complete pool noodles over the next few months, here are our 4 tips on how to have a fun, but still mentally stimulating summer break.

1.       Summer Camp but Make it Cool

There are so many options nowadays for summer camp programs, there is sure to be one for something your child is interested in! They range in topics from art, to science, robotics, photography, and more! Even a local YMCA summer camp will keep your child’s social skills up to par. Plus, it’s the perfect chance for children to experiment with trying a new hobby or interest thanks to short-term session commitments.

2.       Take a Tech Break

Despite digital learning being all the rage lately, it can be nice to give your eyes a break from all of the blue light a screen gives off. Go back to “old-school” activities that still incorporate numerical skills like board games and card games – your children won’t even notice they are working on counting, strategy, and money values!

3.       Train Your New Sous Chef

Getting your child excited about helping you out in the kitchen is a win-win for all! Not only are you teaching them critical life skills that will help them adapt to becoming an adult and caring for themselves, but this will also engage their motor skills and measuring skills by trying to follow a recipe closely. While it may make a mess in the beginning, you’ll be able to reap the awards of watching your child have fun and improve their fractions at the same time.

4.       Make Reading Fun

Reading capabilities and comprehension skills are some of the most common skills that tend to drop off the most during summer break. The solution? Reading for even as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day can keep your child’s synapses firing away while improving their vocabulary, creativity, and comprehensive skills. If your child is reluctant, try either reading to them, alternating passages while reading together, setting a book goal, or even reading your own book while seated next to them can help.

Plus, if they try any of the activities above, there’s reading snuck into several of them – reading game instructions, recipes, and more!



Since we can’t see our lovely scholars throughout summer, we hope these tips help you keep them on track to jump right back in come the Fall semester! Impact Christian Academy focuses on doing school differently. We focus on four core areas – academics, arts, altruism, and athletics. Among the best private schools in Jacksonville, FL, Impact Christian Academy was created for students in Jacksonville with a world-class educational experience while helping them excel in knowing God, finding freedom in their faith while discovering their purpose and making a difference in their community. Begin an application for your child today!