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Educational Excellence In a Christ-centered Environment

A Biblical Worldview

A Comprehensive Program for Every Student

At Impact Christian Academy we rejoice in and celebrate the privilege of training our students to be disciples of Jesus Christ by equipping them through a vibrant world-class educational experience to competently, eloquently, and persuasively engage their communities and the world. You’ll benefit from our planned Pre-K2 (2 year olds) through 12th grade college preparatory environment modeled after some of the TOP Christian Schools in the Nation with classes Pre-K2 through 11th grade in August 2016 and adding 1 grade level per year until reaching our complete Pre-K2 through 12th grade goal.

We teach our students to use the Bible as the frame of reference by which we interpret and define reality. We help our students develop a Biblical worldview from the arts to zoology and everything in between. For our students and staff, the Bible is a lamp to their feet and a light to their life’s path (Psalm 119:105) as they learn “to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (11 Cor. 10:5) so that in everything, “Christ might be preeminent.” (Col. 1:18) Click the colored link below to help you compare us to other
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We offer both a deep and broad educational program. Depth is reflected in the quality of teaching in which wisdom, understanding, and application are emphasized. Advanced, Honors, AP, and dual-enrollment courses also offer a deep and vibrant educational experience. Breadth is provided through a wide-variety of courses including, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Latin, Media Literacy Library, Computer, Robotics, Logic and Philosophy. These academic offerings combined with outstanding fine arts and athletic programs will offer our students a varied and rich experience that captivates their interests and gifts as they prepare for college and career.

Impact Christian Academy is Located on our 32 Acre Campus with a 70,000 square foot building at

8985 Lone Star Rd Jacksonville, FL 32211

Programs Offered

Doing School Differently!

We are delighted that you are interested in Impact Christian Academy where we do school “Differently”. While some may perceive that a private Christian school is a proverbial bubble isolating students from the “real world,” ICA takes seriously the biblical charge to “take captive every thought, to make it obedient to Christ,” and we share the philosophy with C.S. Lewis, that it is better to “irrigate the deserts” by training students to be discerning and shrewd in their dealings with the world. It is the same training method that Jesus used with His own disciples.


The sequential and developmentally appropriate curriculum provides teachers with an intentional plan for supporting children’s learning while integrating biblical worldview and principles into each content area. Our academic focus includes Bible, Phonics & Phonemic Awareness, Foundations & Frameworks (a highly effective and innovative Reading/Comprehension program), Handwriting, English, Language, Spelling, Math, Social Studies and Science.


Students who come to the Arrowsmith Program are of average to above-average intelligence but are having difficulty learning academic and social skills efficiently and independently. The Arrowsmith Program addresses a wide range of specific learning difficulties (referred to as learning disabilities in North America) such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory and/or visual processing disorders, attention difficulties and non-verbal learning difficulties. The Arrowsmith Program is also designed for individuals who do not have identified specific learning difficulties but are challenged with issues such as organization, processing, problem-solving, communication, memory and independence.

Foundations and Frameworks

Foundations & Frameworks is a uniquely designed instructional reading program developed at Briarwood Christian School. Since its introduction in 2001 Foundations & Frameworks, which is informed by the science of learning and the brain, has been implemented in an increasing number of national and international schools. Studies using standardized measures support its benefits to learners indicating growth in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking. Foundations & Frameworks incorporates research-based strategies into an instructional framework enabling the best practices of reading instruction.

Learning Unleashed

The Learning Unleashed Program includes the use of mobile devices, digital textbooks, challenge and problem based learning projects, publishing and presenting student work, collaboration, and innovation. Learning Unleashed includes tools to enhance what we know from brain research on how the brain learns so that the learning experience of our students is more engaging and varied resulting in deeper understanding and longer retention. The LU program also teaches students to use the tools they will be using in college and at work.


Welcome to ICA athletics! The purpose of the athletic program at Impact Christian Academy is to provide students a setting to glorify God through the development and exercise of personal character, sportsmanship, self-discipline and athletic ability. Student athletes will be encouraged to do their best and to learn the vital life skill of being a team player. In victory or defeat, students will be taught to demonstrate both grace and dignity.

Applications for the 2018-2019 School Year Are Now Being Accepted

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