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Building Strong Confident Readers During the Summer Months

Building Strong Confident Readers During the Summer Months

One concern that parents often have is that their child will fall behind academically during the summer months.  That’s why it’s important to keep your child’s reading level advancing over the break.  During summer parents tend to want to limit “screen time” for their kids. This doesn’t have to be time consuming or challenging, it can be a simple as carving out a small piece of the day to work on reading skills.  In this blog we’ll discuss some of the reading resources that are available to you and your family, along with some suggested reading material by recommended by grade level.

Jacksonville Public Library Summer Learning Program


Another option available to encourage your child to read over summer is the Jacksonville Public Library Summer Learning Program.  From June 1st to July 30th children can participate in the incentive-based reading program.  Children of all ages (birth to 17 years) who read for 20 minutes each day for 15 days will earn 1 free book. You can track your child’s reading with the library’s reading tracker bookmark and record your child’s daily reading to earn the free book! Not only will your child be able to earn free books, but there are also awesome prize giveaways and raffles during the Summer Learning Program.  It’s a great way to inspire your child to put down the devices and reach for a book!



A popular web resource for reading is www.getepic.com.  It’s a free resource that unlocks thousands of the best books, videos and more.  The company’s philosophy is to make books more assessable to kids. Since the company launched, they have grown into an award-winning service, which gives millions of families instant access to thousands of books.  Built into the platform are also quizzes based on the books.  By providing the quizzes directly on the website your child will have the ability to complete the quizzes which actively builds their long-term comprehension skills. Some of the additional learning tools featured on Get Epic! are dictionary lookups and spotlight vocabulary words. The website is designed with a parent dashboard that lets you take part in their summer reading journey.  You’ll be able to see how long your child reads, update your preferences to filter out specific content, and follow your child’s progress with weekly reports.  The books are downloadable, so you’ll always have access to the books offline as well. Techcrunch.com claims that Get Epic! is “a totally kid-friendly bookshelf and book reading experience.” 


At Impact Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Fl, we want your student to be equipped for a life of meaning and purpose.  Our school culture nurtures each child and gives them opportunities to put their best foot forward within their school environment and community.  We believe that education takes place at school and at home. During the summer months we are committed to assisting our families find the best resources to support your student continue their educational journey. We never forget the most important part of Christendom, an extension of the heart of Christ.  At Impact Academy we cultivate an environment that students can flourish both academically and personally.  Begin an application for your child today!