Caution: The new School Event Calendar is  being tested-Please IGNORE any sports or other events beginning with Test* in the name as they are fictitious events for testing and staff training.

A powerful new feature for out school and website is currently under implementation,and testing. It will ultimately display all school events and sports schedules throughout our website. Whether you need to know a sports team’s game schedules and venues, choral performances, or open houses, or all school activities for the month or upcoming week, the School Event Calendar will send the timely information to the appropriate pages on our website,automatically. It is already being used for our ALL School Calendar and VPK Calendars, showing holidays, exams, graduation,etc. and is now  being expanded to cover future sporting events and other activities. For now, some fictitious sporting events are being shown beginning with the words Test^ in order to finish implementing, testing and training staff on this new School Wide Consolidated Event Calendar Feature.

Meanwhile, please don’t show up for a Test* Basketball Game, etc. Thanks for understanding we are “Under Construction and Testing”.