Student Books and Teacher Supplies


Dear Impact Christian Academy Parents,

We are pleased to announce that Impact Christian School has partnered with ClassBook, a national online textbook distributor, for all of our textbook needs. The online book store will be accessible all summer beginning today!! The store is going live today, and your textbooks can be purchased at anytime for your convenience. Please be aware the first day of school is August 10th, 2016.

You will find that the lower school textbooks in grades K-2nd will be similar in price to other Christian schools, however, we have worked diligently with ClassBook for third through ninth grade to have textbooks at an affordable price. If an e-book was available we opted for it to bring you the best value. Please note if you need to purchase a printed version for your child, we will honor that decision and help you locate the text

If you notice on the store page there are situations where a fee is required. This fee means that you will pay for the student materials but the materials will be delivered to the school for distribution upon payment. Texts that are not e -books or fee required will be shipped to your home mailing address.

You can visit the store at, simply enter the student name and a valid email address to get started! VERY IMPORTANT: The email address that is entered at this time will be what the student uses to log in to their “ClassBook Virtual BackPack” on the first day of school to download their eBooks (if any were purchased). The teachers will walk the students through downloading all books needed.

In Christ,

David Patterson



Teacher Required Student Supplies

Each grade level/teacher has posted the supplies each parent needs to purchase for their students prior to the start of school so the students can bring them to class. Ideally, you would bring them with your student before school starts during our open houses from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon either Thursday, August 6, or Friday, August 7. You may drop in either day at any time between the hours listed to meet your teachers,ask any questions, maybe meet some classmates there at the same time, and then put these teacher supplies in your locker so you are ready for school.

The teacher supplies needed can be found by clicking on the Academics tab at the top of our site and looking at the drop down menu, clicking on the drop down that says “Teacher Required Student Supplies” or simply click HERE to go there directly.