What is The Christian Formation Process (CFP)?

Impact Christian Academy is happy to welcome you to the Christian Formation webpage. You will find all sorts of information about the Christian Formation Process (CFP) at ICA on this site. The Christian Formation Process (CFP) is open to all who are students of the ICA community. It entails all that you are doing personally and all that we are doing together to create space for God’s loving moment. In essence, the CFP is the “ICA Experience” and it is part of the living legacy of God at work in and through our lives together.

An Invitation to Reflection

Academy life can be demanding and full of pressing obligations. We all want to grow spiritually, but often the busyness crowds out all but the most urgent tasks. The Christian Formation Process (CFP) at ICA is intentionally designed to create opportunities for reflection for students, faculty and staff. They are intrusive invitations to pause and contemplate your formation in the image of Christ. For students, there are a few required “reflective moments” across the years at ICA, such as three conversations with a Faculty Advisor and the construction of a “rule of life.” For faculty and staff, the invitations are not required but are encouraged. We are growing together in loving community, loving transformation and loving mission. We are in this together!


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You will hear the holy invitation to participate in the CFP in Chapel, classroom activities and discipleship groups. But if you are only able to hear the invitation in these settings and activities, you will miss Spirit’s call into loving community, loving transformation and loving mission to be found all around you. You are a part of the CFP when you talk to someone in the ICA business office or when you seek help from people in the many areas in the life of the school. The Christian Formation Process is found whether you are on campus or off-campus. Whether we are in the school cafeteria, church kitchen or eating commons, God is forming us through community. The CFP is more comprehensive and far deeper than any one established setting, program or plan at ICA. Christian formation at ICA is a whole life experience.


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We pray that you will find many persons, both in our community and beyond, who can help you reflect on your formation while you are a student of ICA.