Foundations & Frameworks is a uniquely designed, research-based, instructional reading program.

Recognizing the need for equipping all students to fully understand ideas conveyed in text, instructional designers studied the latest findings in reading, critical thinking and neuroscience research.

The study of latest findings in reading research revealed the need to address five quintessential elements: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and reading comprehension.

National Reading Panel

Remarkably, in 2000, the National Reading Panel produced an extensive report based upon its exhaustive research that identified the same five crucial areas of reading instruction. This report’s publication coincided with the research and development of Foundations & Frameworks, confirming its instructional designers’ findings to that point.

The study of critical thinking resulted from emerging support for their initial premise: reading comprehension is the result of effective thinking about written text. If students can learn thought processes that enable them to consider an author’s intended message at the deepest levels, they will be equipped to understand ideas not only within text addressed in reading but in other content areas as well. Therefore, students exposed to deep learning in a Foundations & Frameworks instructional reading program would be equipped to transfer their understanding to mathematics, science and social studies classes, among others.

The unique design of the Foundations & Frameworks program and its implementation stems directly from the substantial and focused research that went into its development.

Finally, the latest findings in neuroscience revealed the need to tailor instruction to the way learning occurs. Understanding learning would result in more effective teaching. Therefore, Foundations & Frameworks incorporates brain-friendly methods of instruction to maximize learning.

The depth of intentional, meaningful thinking that results from Foundations & Frameworks’ implementation is unrivaled by other reading programs because every aspect of Foundations & Frameworks is designed to reflect the latest research, ensuring teacher practices result in student learning.