Renweb Complete School Management, Classroom and Communication Tools

RenWeb is the name of the application parents/students, teachers and school administrators use to access a wide variety of ICA school management, classroom and communications tools including many valuable resources such as homework, grades and much more.  Access via desktop and mobile apps for staff and parents are available for easy access!

This RenWeb Menu Tab on our Home Page simply summarizes some of the many features of Renweb below. However, Renweb is actually accessed through our Parent Portal Menu Tab on the Home Page Menu of our Website, and most parents will simply refer to RenWeb as the “Parent Portal”.

If you are a parent with registered students at ICA, simply click the Parent Portal Sign-up Instructions on the Menu Tab to create your account. Thereafter, you simply login via the Parent Portal Log-In Menu Tab with your username and password for access.

Features of the Parent Portal (RenWeb) include:


  • Provides new student inquiry management
  • Monitors student completion of the admissions process and manages waiting list
  • Migrates students from applicant to enrolled status without requiring re-entry of data
  • Progresses students to next grade in mass at end of school year and  provides online re-enrollment process

Student and Family Information Management

  • Tracks student and family contact and demographic information
  • Records parent/guardian/custodial relationships with student
  • Allows student to be a member of multiple families in split-family situations
  • Tracks emergency contact and authorized pickup information
  • Allows each student to have an electronic portfolio
  • Provides medical alerts
  • Records student and parent interests and service hours
  • Records parent employment and committees

Group Email Capability

  • Builds dynamic group email distribution lists by student enrollment status, grade level, class, activity, etc.
  • Sends emails to parents, students and staff via point-and-click without looking up email addresses
  • Schedules weekly emails to distribute progress reports to parents
  • Allows for a variety of maintenance tasks which auto emails parents notifying them of low account balances, failing or zero grades, attendance triggers, etc.
  • Provides internal faculty and staff chat

Cafeteria Management (Coming Soon)

  • Posts lunch calendars in ParentsWeb Portal and allows parents to submit lunch orders online
  • Allows lunch ordering from the classroom
  • Provides cafeteria manager total lunch order count
  • Provides point-of-sale cash register for lunch line purchases
  • Provides barcode and fingerprint scanning to identify students at lunch line point-of-sale

Health management

  • Records shot records and determines immunization compliancy
  • Tracks doctor, dentist, preferred hospital and permission-to-treat information
  • Records medical conditions, allergies and instructions for scheduled medications
  • Maintains medical event log


  • Allows students to request courses via ParentsWeb Portal, which drives request-based schedule
  • Automatically creates a non-conflicting student, staff and room schedule
  • Supports straight five-day, block, rotating block and weekend class schedules
  • Allows scheduling for next school year while in the current school year

Human Resources

  • Tracks faculty education, CEUs, certifications, substitutes and emergency contacts
  • Maintains HR information, including attendance, behavior events, observations, salary and evaluations

Student Billing

  • Posts family account balances, charges and payment history online
  • Schedules recurring tuition fees for families on monthly tuition payment plans
  • Manages creation of miscellaneous charges, such as book fees, activity fees, and lunch fees,
  • Provides point-of-sale cash register for cafeteria
  • Automatically records online payments using bank drafts against family account balances

Student Behavior Management

  • Documents discipline events, sanctions, and demerits
  • Sends automated discipline event notification emails to parents
  • Records and posts discipline events in the ParentsWeb Portal.


  • Provides more than 330 standard reports
  • Provides unlimited ad-hoc reporting through create-a-report feature


  • School Administration assigns users security rights to manage access to RenWeb data and functions
  • Parents have SSL login for the ParentsWeb Portal, where they can view only the children in their family
  • One parent login provides access to all children in the family


  • Allows teachers to take attendance in the classroom and immediately reports results to the school office
  • Allows daily, twice-per-day and period attendance using flexible attendance codes
  • Creates seating charts with student pictures and records attendance via the seating chart

Online Grade Book (accessible via computer or an iPhone/iPad or Android app)

  • Records grades, homework assignments and lesson plans
  • Provides web tests and online homework drop box
  • Provides electronic student portfolios
  • Supports grading scales using the point system, weighted percentages and mixed systems
  • Supports skills-based grading
  • Grades automatically flow to progress reports and report cards
  • Generates automated notification to parents for failing grades and missing assignments

Report Cards and Transcripts

  • Provides free standard report card templates or completely customized report cards
  • Provides unique report cards for each grade level as desired
  • Transcript offers standard, weighted and customized GPA calculations