Parent Portal Sign-up is now live!

Accessing ICA’s ParentsWeb Portal For The First Time

RenWeb School Management Software gives you, the busy parent, an opportunity to get more involved in your child’s academic progress and future success – all via the Internet!
RenWeb’s ParentsWeb is a private and secure parents’ portal that will allow parents to view academic information specific to their children, while protecting their children’s information from others. You may view your child’s grades, attendance, homework and conduct as well as other useful school information. You can also communicate with teachers and other school staff online whenever necessary. All you need is an Internet-capable computer.

Please Note This System is Not Yet Fully Functional: We have turned on the Parent Portal so that you may go through the sign-up process below and get familiar with the system. However, we are in the process of implementing this new system from Renweb and it does not yet correctly display most of the information we are providing for parents.  We are working with Renweb to correct these issues and hope to have the Parent data for your students displaying properly soon. Meanwhile, you can sign-up to get your user name and password so you are ready when we are fully functional.

In some cases, you may be able to find some of the information you need, such as homework assignments, under the RESOURCE SECTION of each specific CLASS instead of aggregated in the HOMEWORK Section that may show empty. Likewise, all items are not shown on the calendar but may be displayed in Resources. Other items like grades may not display at all yet.

We will notify you when the parent Portal is fully functional. Meanwhile, please follow the instructions below so that you are signed-up with a valid user name and password and are ready to explore the system. Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks in this state-of-the-art system for parent/teacher communications.

Sign-up Instructions to Access the Parent Portal

Here’s how to access our easy-to-use secure RenWeb ParentsWebPortal for the first time and obtain a user name and password for use in subsequent logins:

(Please read through the instructions once before clicking on the Login signup link and remember our school District Code: ip-fl)

1.  The school must first have already input your email address into RenWeb. (It should be there already if you gave us your email as part of the admissions process, so try the sign-up process below using the same email address you supplied on our admissions form.)

NOTE: If your sign-up doesn’t work, then contact the school (if you don’t receive the sign-up reply email from Renweb described below). If you don’t receive an automated email reply from Renweb, call the school and give them your correct email to enter into the Renweb database for you. Then repeat this sign-up process to see if you receive your reply email from Renweb for setting up your user name and password.

2.  Click Here For 1 Time Login Sign-up   (Read step 3 and 4 first so you know what to do when you Click 2.)

Note: This Sign-up form will open in a new window tab so you can click the previous tab and see these instructions again if needed.

3.  THEN leave  the District Code, User Name and Password form blank and  just SKIP down to bottom of form and Click the Create New ParentsWeb Account Button to obtain your user name and password.

4.  Then on new form that pops up Type our District Code: ip-fl and your email address and click Create Account. If that email is in our Renweb database, you will be sent an email reply which includes a link to create your ParentsWeb login. The link is active for 6 hours, so click the link soon and follow the instructions for setting up your Renweb Parentweb Portal user name and password.

5.  Select the Click to Create your ParentsWeb login link.
6.  A web browser displays your Name and RenWeb Person ID.
7.  Type a User Name, Password, and Confirm the password.

8.  Click Save User Name and/or Password.
A message displays at the top of the browser, “User Name/Password successfully updated.”

9.  You may now log in to ParentsWeb using your new User Name and Password. (You can reach the Parent Portal login page by clicking the Parent Portal Tab at the top right of our school website at
ParentsWeb allows you to access current information about your students such as:
o Student attendance and grades
o Progress reports, reports cards and transcripts
o Lesson plans and homework
o School events and lunch calendar (coming!)
(See a more complete list by clicking the Parent Portal tab on the school website.)