God has established Impact Christian Academy for the purpose of impacting lives for eternity through biblically-based and Christ-centered education. This vision and mission statement articulates the purpose behind the school’s existence. When coupled with seven core values and a series of operating principles, this mission statement provides Impact Christian Academy with an operating constitution that will guide all of its policies, procedures, and practices.

In addition, a complete explanation of what a Christian educator is (supported by seven core values and operating principles) and the biblical principles for achieving Christian Education (supported by Scripture and application points) completes Impact Christian Academy’s Constitution and may be found in our handbook.


 …Mission Statement

The mission of Impact Christian Academy is to partner with Christian families by equipping students to embrace biblical truth, strive for academic excellence, and model Christ-like leadership to impact their homes, churches, and communities for Christ.

…Vision Statement

The vision of Impact Christian Academy is to provide a Christ-centered education in an outstanding spiritual, social, and educational environment by working with Christian families and churches so students will be thoroughly prepared to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

…Core Values

In order to successfully fulfill our mission, Impact Christian Academy will give priority to seven core values. Each of our core values must have operating principles that allow us to incorporate them into daily practice in every aspect of our educational program.

♦ Biblical Teaching and Application ♦ Christ-likeness ♦ Christian Family ♦ Leadership ♦ Excellence in Education ♦ Cultural Awareness ♦ Community Service

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