Impact Christian Academy Pre-School (preK2-preK4)


At Impact Christian Academy (ICA), we’ve developed a special ICA Pre-School program. We recognize that children are created by God as unique, gifted individuals with natural curiosity, creativity and a sense of wonder. These characteristics help the children to learn as they discover, explore, experiment and create. We provide a child-centered, nurturing, safe environment which meets the individual needs of each child as they learn and grow. Our degreed and experienced teachers partner with parents in developing the mind, body and spirit of each child.

The sequential and developmentally-appropriate curriculum provides teachers with an intentional plan for supporting children’s learning while integrating biblical worldview and principles into each content area. Each classroom is an active, vibrant atmosphere where learning is fun and students freely interact through engaging centers and play. Your child will flourish in an environment where the home, school and church work together to provide a Kingdom Education.


Highlights of our ICA Pre-School Program

  • Technology integration in each classroom
  • Gross motor skills development implemented through physical education
  • Foreign Language introduction
  • Fine Arts focus through music and art
  • Weekly Chapel and service projects/missions focused
  • Connection to older students serve as positive role models to build a sense
    of community
  • Curriculum-aligned field trips and activities
  • Strong Phonics-based program
  • Bible as a core subject
  • Engaging thematic units promote an understanding of science and social
  • Use of manipulative and technology undergird a strong math curriculum

It is a blessing to partner with parents in Kingdom Education as together we disciple children to become godly young men and women!