ICA Code of Honor


The Five Tenants of the ICA Code of Honor


1. Perspective

All stakeholders are challenged to focus on an eternal perspective. It is through this eternal perspective that one submits his or her attitude, rights, and self to God and a cause that transcends self.

Key Concepts:
  • We have an eternal mindset vs. a temporary, earthly mindset at all times,
  • We possess a constant attitude of gratefulness,
  • We are focused on being “other-centered,” selfless servants,
  • We recognize that our transcendent cause is more important than our personal agenda.

2. Purpose

Every member of the ICA community is challenged to understand and commit to the school’s Mission Statement. The core compo­nents of the Mission Statement are continually practiced.

In pursuit of excellence in education, the mission of Impact Christian Academy is to partner with Christian families by equipping students to embrace biblical truth, strive for academic excellence, and model Christ-like leadership to impact their homes, churches, and communities for Christ.

Key Concepts
  • We recognize that our partnership with parents (family) is vital,
  • We understand that embracing biblical Truth is much more than “knowledge,”
  • We know that striving for academic excellence requires honesty, integrity and rigor, and
  • We understand that modeling Christ-like Servant Leadership is about being “other-centered,” and serving as His leader to influence others.

3.  People

All people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Every­one has value, therefore our focus should be on serving others. This begins by respecting them.

Key Concepts:
  • We treat all people with respect and dignity (teachers, custodians, visitors, classmates, other schools and local businesses).
  • We recognize that simple actions such as a smile, friendly greeting, handshake and eye contact demonstrate respect, care and being “other-centered.”

4.  Programs

Active participation in the life and culture of the school’s programs is en­couraged. Participation is a privilege and it is an honor to “wear the jer­sey.” Supporting other participants models our “other-centered” principle. Through participation and support, we are ambassadors for the King.

Key Concepts
  • We know that our out-of-classroom experiences during school hours, such as Chapel, service project days and Minimester mission trips are a major part of our curriculum and that understanding and supporting their purpose is demonstrated by respect, and
  • We respect that God made some to love the arts, some to love athletics, and some to love academics or a combination of all. Supporting one another creates unity and friendship. It makes our school more complete when all of these programs succeed.

5.  Property

The environment, and in particular, the school’s facilities and equipment are to be maintained with the utmost care and respect. This stewardship principle carries over into all areas of one’s life.

Key Concepts
  • We recognize that one only has to travel to another part of the world to understand how ICA has been blessed with facilities,
  • We never leave a space on campus until it is clean,
  • We stop to pick up trash whenever we see it, and
  • ICA property is treated with respect therefore we do not do any­thing that could potentially leave damage to its grounds.

The ICA Crest is found on this Website, our communications and even our uniforms.  The symbology of its elements is a constant reminder of our values. Learn the elements of the ICA Crest here.