High School: Grades 9th -11th (12th Coming)


Principal – David Patterson

High school is the time when all the foundational work of earlier years comes to fruition and when preparation for college and vocation takes center stage. Many adults look back on high school as “the best time of their lives.” While this is not our ultimate goal, we certainly want students to fondly remember these important teenage years.

One goal is to provide our students with a comprehensive college-preparatory academic program that prepares them to succeed in college and in life. We guide them as they select a college or university and help them as they make decisions about career planning. We provide students a broad based biblically informed education that prepares them for effective leadership and service in the 21st century.

Luke gives the model for developing a student: “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”

Luke 2:52

An integral part of our high school is the spiritual training students receive through Bible classes. Bible during the freshman year lays the bedrock for developing a biblical worldview and life view. Bible classes are application-oriented. Service and ministry are emphasized as well as mission outreach. Our goal is to help students think biblically so they can live Christianly.

High school is also a fun time of exploring and participating in many activities. Through a wide array of extracurricular programs, students use their abilities, talents and interests to expand the horizons before them. Students enjoy a rich selection of clubs, honor societies, and special events that round out their high school experience. These extracurricular activities can have a lifelong impact on young people and create lifelong memories.