When raising funds for a faith-based school, we have the privilege of trusting God to provide for the needs of Impact Christian Academy. We recognize that God is the Provider and Impact Christian is His school, and He will sustain it using me as one of His instruments. You may also be one of His instruments.


Institutional Advancement is not all about fundraising, it is about building relationships with our students, our parents, our grandparents and creating a partnership to provide the best environment possible to further the Kingdom of God.


Priss DeWitt
Director of Institutional Advancement

As we prepare Impact Christian Academy for today and generations to come, we must ready the institution now with a solid, sustainable vision.  Opportunities exist to invest in the lives of our students through start-up, annual, and capital giving areas.
Your gift can truly make a difference!

Annual Fund 

The annual fund is the starting point for most fundraising plans, and is a requirement for most non-profits to be able to fund the programs and services that carry out the organizations’ mission, vision and objectives. The annual fund is what allows a program to grow, expand and fund new initiatives. In addition to needed funds, the annual fund serves the purpose of building relationships by increasing communications and transparency with the constituent base of Impact Christian.

The Annual Fund is our unrestricted annual giving campaign and the annual fundraising priority of the Academy.  An investment in Impact Christian Academy demonstrates a belief in the mission of ICA and a commitment to the principles of Kingdom Education for training the next generation.

Every area of the Academy is touched by support from the Annual Giving Fund.  Even small, monthly gifts to the Annual Giving Fund carry an important role.

Capital Campaign

A capital campaign is an intensive fundraising effort designed to raise a specific sum of money within a defined period of time to meet the expansion needs of Impact Christian Academy.


The start-up costs associated with Impact Christian Academy are just as it states. The costs associated with starting Impact Christian Academy included marketing materials, classroom set-ups, logo design, website, curriculum, salaries, technology infrastructure, classroom renovations, playground update, etc.

Financial Assistance—Assist-A-Student

Assist-A-Student is our restricted annual giving campaign, designed specifically for tuition assistance needs.  A gift to Assist-A-Student is a financial investment in the lives of students with eternal rewards.

Other Annual Giving Areas

Other annual giving areas exist primarily to provide direct support to designated program areas.  These areas include:

  • Athletics
  • Arts
  • Staff Development
  • Benevolence
  • Leadership Training
  • Curriculum and Programs
  • Technology
  • Arrowsmith Program
  • Missions

Please contact the Director of Institutional Advancement at (904) 652-1441 or email pdewitt@icajax.comfor more information on these and other annual giving areas.