Impact Christian Academy

Impact Christian Academy (ICA) is one of the newest, most innovative, college preparatory, Christian schools in Jacksonville FL, “where superior academics intersects Christ-like character development”. This next generation school is modeled after some of the top schools in the country, by taking the best, proven, teaching approaches, techniques, technologies and neuroscience research applications from each and combining them into one innovative school focused on academic and sports excellence plus exceptional Christian character development, with a biblical worldview in all that we do.

That’s Impact Christian Academy, where our competent, caring and committed Christian professionals go beyond the classroom to ensure your students reach their full potential with us, whether they have been considered gifted honors students or struggling, or anywhere in between. We value each student for his or her individuality, unique qualities and gifts.


Compare Us to other Private Schools in Jacksonville, FL

We invite you to do your research. We are a multi-denominational, multi-cultural school offering a rigorous college preparatory, world-class Christian education. Compare us to other private schools in Jacksonville, Florida, and you won’t find another that incorporates ALL of the following state-of-the-art learning approaches, technologies and whole student Christian character development at all levels of student abilities listed below. You may or may not have familiarity with some of these innovative approaches listed, so we encourage you to explore our website to learn more about each of these innovations by clicking on the various menu tabs and drop down menus above. Compare our list below that creates a comprehensive program for the success of every student to other schools and you’ll begin to see what makes ICA so unique. Our distinctives include:

  • Foundations and Framework’s  unique, instructive, Reading Program proven effective in studies using standardized measures which support its significant benefits to learning by indicating growth in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking. It supports the latest findings in reading research which revealed 5 quinessential elements: Pneumonic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and reading comprehension.
  • One to One Technology Program: All students are provided (at no extra cost) either a tablet or laptop computer with instructions on how to integrate these technologies into all they do to prepare them at a young age for tomorrow’s college and workplace environment. They are also taught how to utilize digital textbooks for their courses when available.
  • Learning Unleashed Program to challenge all students to reach their full potential from Honors and AP classes for gifted students to the award winning, world-renowned, Arrowsmith Program to help students with learning disabilities.
  • Arrowsmith’s Program helps struggling students in many areas, tailored to their specific needs to help retrain their brains through mental exercises using the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience research to help compensate for their disabilities. This helps students in numerous areas such as: dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory and/or visual processing disorders, attention difficulties and non-verbal learning difficulties. The Arrowsmith Program is also designed for individuals who do not have identified specific learning difficulties but are challenged with issues such as organization, processing, problem-solving, communication, memory and independence.
  • True Biblical Integration with each student’s curriculum. A dedicated curriculum specialist plus a faculty that includes a world-class Dean of Spirtual Formation and Worldview ensures the practical application of biblical principles throughout the curriculum, preparing your students to excel in the real world at college and beyond.
  • Kingdom Education Philosophy provides a framework for Christian character development and support for your kids as they grow and begin to deal with many of the difficult situations they will face due to the realities of this world. The Kingdom Education Philosophy, founded by Dr. Glen Schultz, is one of the most important and unique aspects of your student’s education and environment at ICA. We focus on preparing your students to effectively handle difficulties they will face in the real world and how to use their lives and abilities to make a positive impact. Whether a traditional 2 parent home, a single parent family, or adoptive family, the family unit is an extremely important part of the Kingdom Education philosophy, and we encourage you to learn more by clicking on Dr. Schultz’s video on our home page during his recent visit to our campus. You may also want to read his book on Kingdom Education to fully understand the importance and impact of this program on you children’s future. This philosophy of preparing our children for the future may very well be the most important item you look for when comparing private schools in Jacksonville FL. To learn more about our Kingdom Education philosophy, check out our special event video with Dr. Glen Schultz, founder of Kingdom Education. Here!

The above are just a few of the reason’s why you should consider educating your children at Impact Christian Academy. We invite you to compare us to other schools by reviewing the various menu and submenu tabs above that further explain many of our distinctives for your consideration. Look at our Admissions tab where you will see that we support a number of scholarship and financial assistance programs that may be available to your family.

Then call our admissions office, arrange an appointment to meet our administrators, take a school tour and see for yourself why “We Do School Differently” and why you may conclude, as many others have, that this is one of the best Christian schools in Jacksonville FL for your family. Also, for a quick overview, check out the video on our home page from our founders by clicking: Visit!