Biblical Worldview Institute


One of the most distinctive elements of Impact Christian Academy is the school’s intentional focus on developing a biblical worldview.  These efforts in developing a biblical worldview are not limited to the students, but will also extend to the faculty and parents as well.

While other schools may talk about the importance of a biblical worldview, ICA is intentional about making sure students, staff and parents are given opportunities to engage in the hard thinking necessary to learn how to think critically and Christianly about the world around them.

As an essential element of this effort, Impact Christian Academy became the first school in Jacksonville to create a position specifically for a Worldview Director.  A former Pastor/ Theologian,Professor and High School Principal, Dr. Van Gayton serves the ICA community in this capacity.  Yet the effort to incorporate a biblical worldview into every fiber of ICA is much broader than just one person or one position –- every teacher is, in effect, a “biblical worldview director” for their classroom or their subject, and every administrator serves in this capacity as well.  As Nehemiah required each family to build up their area of the wall, so each ICA faculty member is responsible for building up and guarding the biblical integration of their subject and activity.

In addition to biblically integrating subject matter in every class, Impact Christian Academy also utilizes several intentional elements to further train in biblical worldview.  Our Biblical Worldview Institute includes a two-day training seminar covering important categories, including Christian Ethics, Christian Heritage, Christian Mindset/Discernment, Creation vs. Evolution, Current Cultural Trends, Doctrine, Law and Government and Leadership.

There are many opportunities for faculty to train ICA students in biblical worldview. As part of their ongoing training, ICA’s faculty and staff go through “Making the Connection,” using the BWI Planner (created by Christian Overman and Don Johnson). However, biblical worldview training isn’t just for students and faculty here at Impact Christian Academy, it’s also open to parents.

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