Impact Christian Academy Academic Programs

Welcome to Impact Christian Academy. We appreciate your interest in entrusting your child’s spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social development to our highly accomplished educators. Whether your kid is just starting out, or half way through their college preparatory education, we believe the ICA will far exceed all of your expectations.

Here at ICA, our curriculum provides an eduction that extends well beyond academics. We emphasize character development and Christian leadership at every level, and strive to build students into the best versions of themselves. Call us today, or set up an in-person meeting to learn how ICA is redefining academic excellence!


Pre-School (preK2-preK4)

The sequential and developmentally appropriate curriculum provides teachers with an intentional plan for supporting children’s learning while integrating biblical worldview and principles into each content area. Each classroom is an active, vibrant atmosphere where learning is fun and students freely interact through engaging centers and play. Your child will flourish in an environment where the home, school and church work together to provide a Kingdom Education. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT PRE-SCHOOL.


Early Elementary – Grades K-2

Our academic focus includes Bible, Phonics & Phonemic Awareness, Foundations & Frameworks (a highly effective and innovative Reading/Comprehension program), Handwriting, English, Language, Spelling, Math, Social Studies and Science. Student learning is enriched through Music, Physical Education, Library, Computer instruction, Art, Chapel and time to play! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT EARLY ELEMENTARY.


Elementary School – Grades 3-5

Students enjoy a deep and innovative academic program that includes Bible, the Foundations & Frameworks Reading Program, math, spelling, creative writing, social studies and science. The elementary program is enriched with music, art, Spanish, library skills, computer and physical education. Opportunities for differentiated enrichment are available for students who meet the criteria. These include math compacting within classrooms, our challenging Investigations and Explorations program, and advanced math placement in sixth grade. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.


Middle School – Grades 6-8

The curriculum includes Bible, Math, English, American History, World History, Geography, Science, and Physical Education. In each academic content area, teachers employ meaningful learning opportunities that foster critical thinking, reasoning skills, and that engage each student in an academic experience that is both content rich and comprehensive in scope. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT MIDDLE SCHOOL.


High School: Grades 9th -12th

One goal is to provide our students with a comprehensive college-preparatory academic program that prepares them to succeed in college and in life. We guide them as they select a college or university and help them as they make decisions about career planning. We provide students a broad based biblically informed education that prepares them for effective leadership and service in the 21st century. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL.